Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Thane's Thigh Memorial Team for the Terry Fox Run

Four years ago, Thane Eisener was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the same type of cancer that Terry Fox had. After extensive treatment, which included surgery, bone from a cadaver, a lot of metal and many months of physiotherapy, Thane is running again. He and his team will be again be running in the Terry Fox Run on September 14th.


To join the team click here: https://www.terryfoxrun.org/english/Corporate/Runner/Register/Runner/default.asp?s=1&CompanyID=9171

To donate click here: https://www.terryfoxrun.org/english/donations/donate/default.asp?s=1&RunnerID=52484&ForceTo=1

Those who can, run. Those who can't, donate! I don't run, but I am proud to support this team!

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