Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hatching an idea....

"Drippy Chick?!?! You're going to call your blog Drippy Chick?" My closest girlfriend and I were sitting at my kitchen table sharing a steaming pot of vanilla almond rooibos. She was obviously underwhelmed with my idea. "With a name like that, some people may get the wrong idea."

I sighed gently and began again... "It would be about building big things out of humble beginnings. People will get that. Small starts and spectacular results. Little things that make a big difference. Drop by drop. Drip by drip." Her brow wrinkled.

"I've been following other people's blogs for quite a while now. I think it's time to get into blogging myself." She took a cookie off of the plateful that I offered her. "My idea is to create a forum to discuss enjoying a good life, simple pleasures and those things that take time, good work and patience to build on."

"I would write about some of the volunteer work I'm involved in, or the travelling I like to do, or the hobbies that bring me pleasure. Part of the blog would be about building up the financial resources to support a good life of simple pleasures."

"But the name Drippy Chick?!?". She seemed unconvinced.

I took a sip of my tea and continued. "I've been reading a lot lately about dividend reinvestment programs. They are called 'drips'. I could write about them, too. I'm a woman who wants to build a nestegg to support an early retirement. A chick with DRPs. A DRP chick. Drip chick. Drippy Chick".

She chortled and took another cookie from the plate. "I still think people are going to think it's about sex!"