Sunday, 30 September 2007

Welcome to my blog -- a small start

Over five years ago, one of my colleagues suggested that I should create a blog. He and I had shared dozens of wonderful conversations on topics such as art, literature, personal finances, theatre, technology, politics and the human condition... all topics that were dear to me. At the time he suggested the blog idea, I thought "yeah, maybe someday".

Today is someday. Someday! Some day!!

Welcome to my blog... where I hope to share some ideas about culture, personal finances, good deeds, and changing the world one small deed at a time. Just as mountains are worn down raindrop by raindrop (drip by drip), barriers can come down little by little... good things can come out of small regular efforts made by average people over a length of time. In this blog I hope to celebrate these small efforts and the "difference" that can be made little by little, penny by penny, step by step, smile by smile, drop by drop.

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